A glimpse into a possible future...

Based on your feedback we are currently evaluating several future development directions for PELAGIUM Origins. One of them is to use less abstract unit symbols. Indeed this could make the game more approachable for more casual players not familiar with tactical symbols. On the other hand, more detailed symbols are less clear when zooming out, so a fallback to simplified symbols may be necessary.

And if you look closely at the image, you may notice a unit type currently not present in the released game... while we are very content with the design decision of reducing the number of unit types to the absolute minimum of three (infantry, cavalry, artillery) and do not have any plans to introduce additional ground units, a naval unit would indeed open up a multitude of new game play and tactical variants. However, such an addition would also have major technical and game balance implications, so don't expect such a fundamental change soon.

But in any case, we'd love to hear your thoughts about these possible changes. And if you have further ideas  or suggestions, please let us know! You may either use the contact form included in the game or the comments functionality below.

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I really like your minimalistic approach to the development of the game, prioritizing the proper functioning of key elements before adding an additional feature.

I would be very curious to get in the development of it.

I have a few ideas.
Morale - it changes depending on the victories and number of retreats of the unit and may affect the damage or luck the unit will have depending on the cause.

Custom names for units - this allows the player to customize the name of the unit he owns like 61st infantry regiment and Legio IX.

Custom themes - this allows players to choose a theme like; ancient times, where the artillery unit turns into a catapult unit and ww2 theme that changes the cavalry unit into a tank unit. The tank unit is a bit stronger than the normal infantry unit but has higher luck or damage when supported by an infantry unit

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new maps in different sizes where players can choose the size of the map they want to play with

some maps that are specialized for different units like an open field with a few forests for cav and infantry  and some maps with more seas and more islands for naval battles and maps that are balanced for all the units 

What if you could toggle the symbols? So when it is checked it would mean you have the more detailed symbols, and when it is unchecked you would see the classic symbols.

Good suggestion! Generally I want as few options as possible, but this way we could even find out what is actually preferred.

maybe if players can choose between classic ones and the detailed ones? this allows players who want classic symbols and players who want more detailed symbols to choose what they prefer. Also, a default setting where units are displayed in classic symbols when unchecked and displaying detailed symbols when checked like the ones you said

Personally, I like the game how it is (speaking mostly to the unit symbol part). It's simple and, even if somebody doesn't already know unit symbols like that, the game adequately explains them.

I would support the addition of additional units and items, though perhaps it could be based on each map? So maybe certain maps allow naval units, others allow the construction of forts, etc etc.

Maybe I will make the unit symbols configurable. The availability of certain unit types definitely depends on the scenario. There will be scenarios where naval units are mandatory, optional, or completely absent.