2022.04 Update Release

Alright, time for a little update. The new release brings several minor improvements:

  • new unit symbols. As requested several times, the abstract tactical unit symbols were replaced by easier recognizable silhouettes, which should make the game more intuitively playable for novices
  • A.I. opponents now also build artillery units
  • 3 new maps added offering new challenges for up to six parties



pelagium-origins-20220416.zip 755 kB
Apr 27, 2022
pelagium-origins-20220416-win32-x64.zip 94 MB
Apr 27, 2022
pelagium-origins-linux_x64_20220416.zip 85 MB
Apr 27, 2022

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been 6 months now and still no reply to my concerns...

any chance of fixing the game so it becomes playable...

any chance of fixing my concern - which is below.

This is getting worse now - there are times when I can't even get to play a single game due to the error at start game (as mentioned below).Any chance of correcting this. Shame really, 'cos it' s a great game, seems to be let down by not having the ability to play.....


I'm constantly getting at Start Game:

Error message: Uncaught TypeError: failed to execute 'drawimage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D':

The provided value is not of type '(CSSImageValue or HTMLCanvasElement or HTMLImageElement or HTMLVideoElement or ImageBitmap or OffscreenCanvas or SVGImageElement or VideoFrame)'.


.../Users/me/Desktop/Itch etc. etc. /pelagium-origins-20220430-win32 x64/p....

Line Number 270

Uh oh.  I'm getting errors in each of the three new maps, including at launch.

Oh no, I can confirm this bug. It only happens if one plays with less than the maximum number of parties in a scenario. Will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for reporting!

Sorry to have found it. :(

I got Exagoni to work when I chose all opponents as AI.  (And what a terrific, epic war that was!)
Metropoli still had a launch error when I picked all enemies as AIs.

Rumburak worked with all opponents on AI.

The following bug has been fixed and the executables updated:

Please let me know if you still face issues. Thanks!


This is one of my favorite games.  I play it nearly every day.

Nice, highly appreciated update. Keep it up! 

One of the only games with such conceptual elegance and simplicity!